Ecolab revitalize 41 gum remover candle

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Ecolab revitalize 41 gum remover candle wax remover cleaning carpet Supplies.

You are purchasing one 6 OUNCE Can of AIRKEM brand REVITALIZE 41 GUM REMOVER!   This Gum Remover also removes Candle Wax!  You can use it on carpet, wood, tile, terrazzo, and marble!  Made in the USA.

 This stuff is a must have for moms!  You can't get it unless you are a company who buys in bulk!  Well, now you can!!!

This Gum Remover/Candle Wax Remover works quickly!  Just insert the extension tube. Spray it on the gum or wax.  When you see frost appear, start to chip away at the edge and then lift the whole piece with a putty knife.

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