Biker Motorcycle Pant Leg Clamps Straps Clips Holder Ryder Stirrups Fully Adjustable Pants Clip Holders

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Biker Motorcycle rider Pant Leg Clamps straps clips holder Ryder Stirrups FULLY ADJUSTABLE

  • These biker stirrups work great for keeping your pants from blowing up while you're riding. These are the originals made. with high-quality material designed for years of use not the cheap ones that do not last . The elastic bands are heavy duty and do not lose their stretch. The clamps have nylon inserts to protect your pants.
  • Fully adjustable for various length pants and different size boots. Keep your pants from bunching up over your boots while walking.
  • Can be used inside or outside of your boots or shoes. Keeps bugs from going up your pants while riding.

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